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" It feels good to be debt-free. You can pay off your credit card, and walk away from all this anxiety. You can free yourself from the burden of debt that threatens to hold you back from living life on your terms "

- Jonathan Smith

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Program Length

46 months

Total Savings


Jonathan saved 47% on her debt

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" If you can’t see a way out of your debt, it’s time to seek professional advice. With the help of a third-party specialist, get your finances back on track and start saving for your future now! "

- Carla Brown

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Program Length

14 months

Total Savings


Carla saved 37% on her debt

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By the help ofNation credit relief you can make your debt and loan payments easier and you can apy them in just some months!

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It is our mission to get you out of debt in just some months and possible reduce the amount of debt you pay so it is easier for you to get out of debts!

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Finally, a solution if you are in debt. Stop paying interest on your debts by using our debt settlement program

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quote icon I had the pleasure of speaking to David who was very helpful. And even though I wasn't able to use the service he gave me great information to help me get my debt In order. I will definitely recommend. Thank you so much!!

sinister george


quote icon I highly appreciate the professional service provided by Nora, who helped me to significantly decrease my debt in a short period of time, before Christmas for example. Her attentive attitude and user convenience made me feel secure and feel well taken care of.

Ted Magpayo


quote icon They made it easy to stay with their program and they always kept in touch. They worked with me through the rough times and now I am out of debt!!

Christopher Anderson


Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might have in your mind

What will your service cost me?

We don’t charge you any fees until your debts are settled. There are no sign-up or cancellation fees, and there’s absolutely no obligation – you’re in control. You also don’t have to worry about hidden charges. Once your debts are settled, the average client pays a fee of 15%-25% as part of their monthly payment. And if we can’t settle your account with the creditor, we should still get paid—we just want it to be fair, so we won’t charge anything extra.

Will your program impact my credit score?

Debt settlement programs are not appropriate if you already have a Lawful excuse for your default. Debt settlement may have a negative impact on your credit score because it is not a traditional form of debt repayment. We do not provide credit repair services or offer advice on ways to improve your credit.

What’s the difference between Debt Relief and Debt Consolidation?

Debt relief reduces your balance. Your debt is negotiated down, and you pay less than you owe. The creditor forgives the remaining balance in a transaction called a settlement. Debt consolidation combines all of your debt into one loan with a single monthly payment, often at a reduced rate of interest. This typically requires a higher credit score for approval.

Can I Negotiate With My Creditors On My Own?

Even though a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach might be a good option for home renovation projects and other hobbies, you shouldn’t take any risks with your debt repayment plan. Your financial situation has a long-lasting impact on your lifestyle and peace of mind. , We take care of every detail of debt negotiations – helping you overcome the most significant roadblocks that are standing in the way of your financial independence. We have established relationships with over 10,000 creditors and our average negotiation rate is 50%, meaning we usually save you 50% on your debts (excluding fees). Our negotiators know exactly what to say to help each company look for solutions that support your needs — and how much you can expect to save with each creditor. We won’t stop until we’ve reached the best deal possible.

How Long Will It Take To Get Out Of Debt?

It depends on how quickly you can build up your funds and save for the settlement offers. The faster you save, the quicker you get out of debt. It typically takes between 24-48 months with our program. By contrast, if you only make the minimum payments on your credit cards, you could be in debt for the next 10-20 years and pay back 2x, 3x, or even 4x as much as you originally borrowed.

Will I Get Sued By My Creditors?

There is a slight possibility that a creditor might sue you. But, lawsuits are expensive and creditors try to avoid them. We aim to complete the program as quickly as possible to avoid any lawsuits.

Can I Continue To Use My Credit Cards?

No, you won’t be able to use your credit cards that are enrolled in the program. Plus, creditors will usually close your accounts after you’ve missed a few payments. Your debt expert will help you decide the best plan of action based on your current financial situation.

Will I Have To Pay Taxes On The Forgiven Debt?

That depends. Your creditors will issue you a 1099-C form for any debt forgiven over $600. The forgiven debt counts as income. But, if you are insolvent (you have more liabilities than assets) at the time we settle with your creditors, you may not have to pay any taxes on the forgiven debt.

“A taxpayer is insolvent when his or her total liabilities exceed his or her total assets. The forgiven debt may be excluded as income under the ‘insolvency’ exclusion. Normally, a taxpayer is not required to include forgiven debts in income to the extent that the taxpayer is insolvent.” –

What is your track record?

Since 2009, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people get out of debt. We are one of the country’s largest debt relief companies and pride ourselves on our accreditations which include:

Do You Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes! In following the requirements of federal law, we do not complete a settlement unless you approve it. Moreover, we do not collect a fee associated with our efforts to settle a particular debt until you have approved that settlement and made at least one payment. If we can’t settle your debt or if you’re not satisfied up to the point of us settling your debts — for any reason — you can cancel anytime without any penalties or fees other than any fees earned associated with prior settled debts. That’s right! We get results or you don’t pay.

What Makes Me a Good Candidate for Debt Relief?

Our program is a great choice for people with high levels of unsecured debt who are struggling with financial hardship, like a divorce or job loss. If you’re barely keeping up with your minimum payments and the balances on your accounts keep growing, then our program may be right for you. Why fight a losing battle against rising debt, when our debt relief services can help?

How Is Debt Relief Different From Bankruptcy?

We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. But based on publicly available information online, bankruptcy is generally seen as a last resort and can come with harsh consequences. It may impact your credit score for up to 10 years, which means it could take a long time to recover. You can be denied employment, state licenses, insurance – even occupancy of an apartment. Plus, there’s a risk that major assets could be seized, causing you to lose personal property.

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